Multiplayer RPG

Dormant Dragons full P2E game.
The gameplay will consist of 3-6 players exploring randomly generated dungeons. Baby Dormants can mix and match abilities to play any role they like. The future playable characters of this game will each have a specialized role of either tank, damage or healer. Abilities are a mix of directional, area of effect, and passive. Some gear can alter your abilities and some items can empower your abilities. The tank role is what gameplay is centered on or more specifically, enemies target player with the most defense unless specified by a buff altering the enemies target priority. An inventory of items can be taken into a dungeon and needs to last you the whole way through as you cannot go back to town and refill without wiping and resetting your dungeon or clearing the dungeon.
We cannot release a majority of the details at this time but this will be consistently updated as time goes on.