What is Dragon Valley Land?

Join us in the valley with your very own personalized plot of land.
Dragon Valley Genesis Land is the land that exists in Dormant Dragons MMORPG, Dragon Valley. Genesis land is where you will progress your character's passive skills via gathering essential resources and producing craftable items. There are 3 categories of skills, gathering, artisan and miscellaneous with some examples being fishing, smithing and enchanting respectively. Genesis Land will be the only place to put these skills to use and thus increasing their level. Upgrading your skills is very important as it allows you to gather and create higher tier items.
By customising your land plot, you will be able to choose what resources you gather and what skills you hone, which will give each genesis plot its own unique look and feel. Your land also comes with a plot on which your home is built.
Your home in Dragon Valley will be customisable inside and out allowing you to make your home uniquely yours. The interior of your home can be filled with various items that you can obtain from your journey, such as hard-earned trophies from boss fights, crafted furniture and limited-time items from the shop. The exterior of your home can be renovated in various ways in order to fit your aesthetic. Through an invite system, friends will be able to visit your land and see how you are progressing!
See you in the valley!