Baby Dragons

Information about Baby Dragons.
Baby Dragons are a Polygon NFT that can be minted by using SMOKE. They are the secondary collection of Dormant Dragons and allow access to our games. Baby Dragons are on Polygon because it allows seamless transactions and extremely cheap gas fees compared to Ethereum. In order to play our video games, you will need to have at least one Baby Dragon. They will also be the governance for our upcoming multiplayer RPG, with each Baby Dragon counting for one vote. Baby Dragons will be the strongest character on average for our upcoming RPG game.
Baby Dragon example.

Base levels

If you have looked at Baby Dragons on OpenSea, you will notice a levels tab. Here you can have a look at each Baby Dragons stats. There are 5 stats, Attack, Critical, Defense, Health and Speed. Attack, Defense and Health, all range from 10-15, Critical ranges from 5-10, while speed ranges from 4-8.
Example of base stats for Baby Dragons.

Bonding Curve

The cost for creating a Baby Dragon NFT is on an always increasing bonding curve. That means that every Baby Dragon will cost slightly more than the last one. This cost to mint a Baby Dragon starts at 500 and the price slowly increases at a rate of 1.00003x each time. As time goes on the price of a Baby Dragon will slowly increase until it reaches a high price. The graph below illustrates the exponential price increase as time goes on. The X-Axis demonstrates how many Baby Dragons have been minted and the Y-Axis shows the price of SMOKE to mint a Baby Dragon. We decided to do this for a few reasons. Firstly we wanted the SMOKE per Baby to increase exponentially in order to create scarcity for the token and for the amount of Baby Dragons. We also wanted the maximum number of Baby Dragons to be undefined. If we set it at 6000 for example with a static cost, the maximum amount of SMOKE burned would be around 600,000. Now with an undefined end, the amount of SMOKE burned is potentially infinite on top of the fact it is ever increasing. Eventually, it'll become very unprofitable to create babies and they'll be no more created.
Graph demonstrating the cost of SMOKE per Baby Dragon over time as more Baby Dragons are minted.