Detailed outline on the distribution and max cap of SMOKE.
SMOKE distribution.


As shown in the graph above, the distribution is as follows:
  • 80% of the SMOKE supply is distributed to the 5000 Dormant Dragons holders.
  • 3.33% will be withheld for the team.
  • 16.67% will be held for ecosystem rewards.


SMOKE that is generated from Dormant Dragons decreases over time. For the first 180 days since the reveal (27th of November, 2021), Dormant Dragons produce 10 SMOKE per day. However, after 180 days they produce 2 fewer SMOKE per day, at 8. This continues for another 180 days and then it will go to 6 SMOKE per day. This means that SMOKE will be generated for close to 5 years. This can be seen in the graph below, where the X-axis is the number of days and the Y-Axis is SMOKE per day. This was done for a few reasons. Firstly, if we kept SMOKE generation at 10 per day for 1800 days, SMOKE would have a max supply of 90,000,000. We wanted a much lower max supply but still kept to 1800 days of SMOKE generation. To reach this goal, we decided to lower the generation per day over time instead of reducing how long Dormant Dragons produce SMOKE. We are a project of longevity and this 5-year timeline proves that.
Amount of tokens generated per day by each Dormant Dragon NFT over time.
The exact calculations for SMOKE generation is this:
10 SMOKE a day x 5000 DDs = 50000 SMOKE a day x 180 days = 9,000,000 SMOKE
8 SMOKE a day x 5000 DDs = 40000 SMOKE a day x 180 days = 7,200,000 SMOKE
6 SMOKE a day x 5000 DDs = 30000 SMOKE a day x 180 days = 5,400,000 SMOKE
4 SMOKE a day x 5000 DDs = 20000 SMOKE a day x 180 days = 3,600,000 SMOKE
2 SMOKE a day x 5000 DDs = 10000 SMOKE a day x 1080 days = 10,800,000 SMOKE