What is SMOKE?

Information about SMOKE.
SMOKE is an ERC-20 Token built on the Ethereum Blockchain. SMOKE is the Dormant Dragons utility token that powers our ecosystem. The contract for SMOKE can be found here. This token is bridgeable to Polygon and that is where all of the magic happens. The contract for SMOKE on Polygon is here. SMOKE needs to be on Polygon for a few reasons. This is mostly due to the exorbitant gas fees that the Ethereum network requires at the moment. On Polygon, our community is free to do as many transactions as they would like for a fraction of the cost compared to Ethereum. SMOKE will be used in many different things and burned in multiple different ways. Dormant Dragons holders control the supply of SMOKE.
SMOKE token.

What will SMOKE be used for?

SMOKE is our utility token that has a number of uses such as:
  • Mint Baby Dragons
  • Stake for more SMOKE
  • Mint Lootboxes
  • Mint new characters
  • Tournament prizes in SMOKE
More details are further into the document.

How do I claim SMOKE?

In order to claim your SMOKE, you need 2 things, a Dormant Dragon with some SMOKE and some ETH for gas fees.
SMOKE claiming UI.
Firstly, go to and connect your wallet. The connect button is in the top right. Once connected you must switch the button from 'Show All' to 'My Account'. This switch is located in the middle of the page below the UI. You then have the option to either claim all or claim individually.